Protects you at work

Peek revolutionizes occupational safety with self-learning sensor-based wearables
We protect your employees in their daily work. Daily routines lead to careless mistakes. For this reason, we have developed a wearable that automatically warns every employee working on the power grid if dangerous situations occur.

PEEK is made for your safety

The knowledge and experience of service technicians have been incorporated into the development of PEEK.

PEEK is intelligent

PEEK automatically adapts to the working environment and warns in case of incorrect distances to the source of danger. It can be used both in the medium-voltage range, and in the future, in the high-voltage range.

PEEK is made for everyday use

Ruggedized housing, long battery life, device is functional with tightening.
Security first
AI technology
Highly sophisticated sensors

Charge it easily everywhere

Simply charge the battery via USB and use it on
the road all day long.

Warn function always visible

Visual attention to focus on dangerous situations.


Audible warning tone adapted to the situation.

It never lets you down

It turns on automatically and it is always in action.

Keep your eyes on the Voltage

PEEK warns against approaching medium voltage in transformer stations and on overhead power lines.

How it works

PEEK is worn on the wrist and provides service technicians with additional protection by actively alerting them when they approach live parts, taking the wearer out of their routine.
PEEK detects electric and magnetic fields in 20kV transformer stations and on overhead power lines.
When the service technician is working near live parts, PEEK warns by acoustic and visual signals before a critical distance is reached. A decisive moment by being sensitized!

PEEK on the field

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